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Charter of ethics

ICARIO CONSEILS acknowledges that the consulting profession relies on the skills and expertise of the women and men who practice it. The delivered solutions can have a significant impact on the clients and their employees. Thus, ICARIO CONSEILS is committed to playing a responsible role at an economic, societal, and environmental level. To ensure this, the company has established five fundamental rules that all employees, subcontractors, and other actors who could intervene on its behalf must respect.


1. Compliance with the legal and regulatory framework

ICARIO CONSEILS is committed to:

  • strictly comply with the legislation in force in the countries where it operates,

  • respect others and in particular the fundamental rights of individuals as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in the European Convention on Human Rights,

  • respect and encourage the diversity of cultures and points of view.


2. Integrity

ICARIO CONSEILS is committed to carrying out its missions with complete independence of mind:

  • ICARIO CONSEILS makes intellectual honesty his rule of conduct in all its relationships with its Client,

  • ICARIO CONSEILS commits not to subordinate the interests of its Client to its own interests, commercial or of any other nature.


3. Professionalism and competence

ICARIO CONSEILS only accepts projects within its area of expertise. It guarantees the competence of its employees, as well as the methods and tools used.

ICARIO CONSEILS is committed to providing all the necessary competencies required for the successful implementation of its offered services, with an unyielding guarantee of the same. In addition, the company is devoted to maintaining and continually developing its skills base, while providing a description of its quality management system upon request from any potential client. Moreover, ICARIO CONSEILS is dedicated to demonstrating its capacity for progression and innovation, in line with the constantly evolving business environment, and maintaining its methodologies at the highest standard.


4. Privacy

ICARIO CONSEILS has made a commitment to maintain the confidentiality of any non-public information that is disclosed to them by their clients as part of the services they provide. It will take all necessary steps to ensure the protection of this information.


5. Transparency

ICARIO CONSEILS is committed to disclosing all published or non-confidential information pertaining to its organization, capital structure, and connections with other ventures to its clients.

ICARIO CONSEILS will inform its clients about any financial, capitalistic, or commercial relationships it has with partners, suppliers, or other clients that may result in conflicts of interest during the execution of its services.

When presenting in conjunction with other consulting firms, service providers, suppliers, equipment, or marketable products, the nature of the relationships maintained with these partners must be presented with complete transparency.

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