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Word from the founder

Fondateur Eric Carioli

An engineer by training, I have built over 20 years of expertise in Quality management and performance improvement in industrial settings and the health sector. ​


My background and my clients are international: SGD Pharma, Johnson&Johnson, SANOFI, ECOLAB, ANIOS. ​


Returning from North America in 2014, I had a strong desire to transpose the flexibility, enthusiasm and North American “solution-oriented” spirit to France. This is how ICARIO CONSEILS was born. ​


My passion ? Analyze problems and find optimal solutions! ​


To achieve this, I like to work in a multi-functional team and co-build with my clients.

Eric Carioli

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My approach

  • co-construction: I aspire to construct solutions with my clients through my effective leadership and collaborative team spirit

  • proactivity: I am proactive, and my approach is creative; I adapt the solutions I propose to your challenges and the size of your organization.

  • pedagogy: I train and coach your teams for a better appropriation of the solutions 

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